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Nauka Angielskiego : Elementarne Podstawy

Nauka Języka - Rodzina i jej koneksje.

This is Barbara. Barbara Baker.
This is Jerry. Jerry Baker.
Barbara and Jerry are married to each other.
Jerry is Barbara's husband.
Barbara is Jerry's wife.
They are husband and wife.
Mr and Mrs Baker have two children. Betty and Thomas Baker.
This is Betty Baker. Betty is their daughter. (Betty jest córką
This is Thomas Baker. Thomas is their son (Thomas jest synem).
daughter son
Thomas is older than Betty (Rob jest starszy od Betty. He is Betty's big brother.
Betty (Bet jest młodsza od Thoma) is younger than Thomas. She is Thomas's little sister.
Oni są rodzeństwem.
They are Mr and Mrs Baker's children.
parent father
Jerry is Betty and Thomas's father.
Barbara is Betty and Thomas's mother.
They are Betty and Thomas's parents.
This is Julie. Julie Bellucio.
This is Stefan. Stefan Bellucio.
grandmother grandfather
Mr and Mrs Bellucio are Betty's parents. She is their daughter.

Barbara's name before she got married was Betty Bellucio. Barbara Bellucio is her maiden name, Barbara Baker is her married name.
Stefan and Julie are Betty and Thomas's grandparents. Betty and Thomas are their grandchildren.
Mr Bellucio is their grandfather. They call him grandad.
Mrs Bellucio is their grandmother. They call her granny.
Betty is their granddaughter and Thomas is their grandson.
They're Jerry Baker's in-laws. Mrs Bellucio is his mother-in-law and Stefan is his father-in-law.
Jerry is their son-in-law.
Mr and Mrs Thomas's have another daughter Anne.
Anne is betty's younger sister. She is the youngest.

She isn't married. She is single.

She is Betty and Thomas's aunt.

Betty is her niece and Thomas is her nephew.

Barbara's husband Jerry is her brother-in-law.

She is Jerry's sister-in-law.
Mr and Mrs Thomas's also have a son, Charles.

Charles is Barbara's older brother. He is the eldest.

He is Betty and Thomas's uncle.
Charles was married, but he isn't any more. He's divorced(rozwiedziony).

He is Jerry's brother-in-law.
This is Jude.

She is Charles' baby.

Charles is her father.

She is Betty and Thomas's cousin, they are her cousins too.

Barbara and Anne are her aunts, she is Barbara and Anne's niece.

Jerry is her uncle, she is his niece.
uncle mother aunt
Charles, Barbara and Anne are siblings.